Copper Kitchen Sink With Matte Finish

Have your copper pieces changed colors & become dull throughout the years? This is called oxidation, which is the result by exposure to air & moisture. Let us clean & polish your copper pieces to a mirror shine without having to inhale the fumes, from harsh cleansers.


Stainless steel polished table

Some people polish copper with acidic solutions based on white vinegar or lemon juice instead of commercial brand polishes. This can become extremely hard work and in result, you never complete the copper polishing job you needed done. Call us today and get an estimate for all things copper.


Copper polishing & buffing are two processes that are actually quite dissimilar. Polishing copper is done through the use of belts, wheels & other types that remove materials from the part's outer layer which prepares it for its final finish. Buffing copper, is completed using a cloth type wheel or other non-aggressive media that buffs the outside surface until the piece is as shiny as you want it.


Massco Metal Polishing polishes any copper piece you might have weather it is small, large, or extra large. Estimates of time for polishing/buffing copper pieces is somewhat quick depending how large or small the item is.


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