Stainless steel interior polish Polishing Stainless Steel is when cleaning dirt, oil, water stains and rust from the outside layer of the metal until it's surface is smooth creating a protective layer that reduces the risk of rust. Massco Metal Polishing can work with precut, drilled and shaped material.


Polishing stainless steel parts on a car, motorcycle or for whatever need is aestheticlly pleasing to the eye. Stainless steel should always be in tiptop shape, but this is especially true when you are selling a car or showing anything that contains stainless steel.


Whether you want to show your car, bike or anything for that matter, every piece should be in pristine condition. It is vital that you use a product that is safe on, stainless steal and soft cleaning material, to protect the outer layer.


Motor exhaust pipe polishing


One great risks when working with materials this tough, is over heating. Over heating will not only warp the material, but if it is tempered, you will break down the tempering & soften the surface. If your material is stainless steel, you may cause it to release many oxides & carbon.


It is very important to have experience, when polishing stainless steel. If you have a finished piece that you are trying to keep a mirror finish, at least 95% of hand polishes are not ideal for best results. Most will do no more than clean the surface & will make it hazy by leaving light scratches in the finish. If you need the job done right, let us give you a quote.


Massco Metal Polishing, stainless steel services offered:

Clean and Degrease Steel Parts, Remove Dents & Molding, Sand till Smooth, Prep and Polishing, Final Polish to High Luster.


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